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COA Monthly Update

June, 2003

Twenty Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do then the ones you did.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbour.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover  -  Mark Twain -

A Challenge comes from Jake!!

I love to tell you stories about my lifetime as a bench lady but now I get to brag about one of the most successful accomplishments in my life…

It’s no secret that I am the most dedicated COA cheerleader…or so we thought…it seems that COA has had a lot more influence over my family than I had realized.

My eight year old son Jake is quite an artist.  He loves to write and illustrate stories, cartoons, anything that comes to mind.  He came to me recently and suggested that COA needed a mascot and he was the guy to design it.

Jake’s initiative has spawned a contest.  COA does need a mascot!  Jake is challenging everyone within the COA team (and your own teams!) to design a mascot for COA.  We would love to get ideas from all of the junior (and senior) bench people out there.  All ages are welcome! 

Please send your final entries into Doug.  The deadline is June 30, 2003.  The winner will receive a movie and pizza package for 4 people.

It’s time to get creative and have fun!!!

New Faces in the crowd...


Tracy Ryan a dedicated  COA representative is leaving Halifax and COA to move back to her home town in Toronto.  Tracy moved out to Halifax in February 2002 to manage sales.  Today, Halifax is in good shape and we will soon welcome Kevin Landry to take over the helm.

We thank Tracy for her efforts in Halifax and we wish her all the best in the future.


Leane Fuller, unfortunately is also leaving the COA team.  During her short time Leane help to fill a void in the Saskatoon market.  Leane is leaving due to medical reasons and we wish her all the best in the future.

Randy Butler will take over the responsibilities of the Saskatoon market later this month.  Way to go Randy!


Update from the Op's department...

Karl on his recent trip to Ottawa became quite friendly with a Senators fan!!  Good thing he was the same guy that helped to approve some of our new bench locations.

Karl and Rolly Morin in front of OC transpo

New Pad Update

Introducing the new light wait, easily removed pad  now being installed in COA territories everywhere. 

The first test was a great success so you can expect to see this type of pad in your territory soon.  Keep sending in those approval pictures!!



Nathen demonstrates

the ease of installation:


Step #1: dig & level..






Step #2: insert the concrete slabs.






The Final Product...






Way to go Nathen!!


The great cities where we have our benches...Milton Ontario

Town History

The original Town of Milton was incorporated in 1857 and the first Council Meeting was held in the Court Room of the County Buildings on July 4, 1857.

Milton can best be described as a "successful blend of both old and new, of town and country, of families and businesses". It's population of 33,000 enjoys this distinct community that offers small town living with a metropolitan flair. Residents take pride in the parklands, conservation areas and recreational facilities where they ski and snowboard in the winter, and swim, sail, and hike in the summer. As "a place where friends gather", Milton's vision is to be the best of town and country in Ontario.

Famous Miltonites

Re-Inventing The Screw
It took a slip of a screwdriver and a cut on his hand to convince
Peter Lymburner Robertson
that there had to be a better way to do things. The traveling salesman injured his hand while demonstrating a spring loaded screwdriver and after a little spare time in his workshop, applied for a patent in 1906 for a socket head screw.
Robertson's socket head screw revolutionized the industry. The old, slotted screw had worked under a number of disadvantages. It was easy to push the screwdriver out of the slot, it was next to impossible to tighten the screw one handed when the user was in a confined space or on a ladder, and it wasn't uncommon to strip the slot when tightening or loosening the screw. Robertson's screw addressed all of these problems. "This is considered by many as the biggest little invention of the twentieth century so far," he was heard to exclaim. With an accuracy within one one-thousandth of an inch, this special square headed screwdriver had a tighter fit than a slot and rarely slipped.

Act tip of the Month!


A sales opportunity is a potential sale to a contact. It includes information such as the forecasted quantity of the sale, your confidence of closing the sale, and an anticipated date for the closure.
When you create a sales opportunity, you can include information needed to close the sale, such as your competitor and factors that will influence your contact's buying decision. You can adjust your predictions as the opportunity moves through the sales development cycle.

Tracking sales opportunities

All sales opportunities are associated with contacts and appear in the Sales/Opportunities tab of a contact or group record.
You can monitor the progress of your sales opportunities by assigning up to 11 sales stages.
ACT! also provides reports and graphical representations of your sales progress based on the stage assigned to a sales opportunity. Sales reports provide details and summaries of sales opportunities, closed sales, and lost sales for selected contacts, all contacts, or a single contact.

The sales graph can show your sales forecast or your closed sales for a month, a quarter, or any period of time you choose. You can also customize the appearance of your sales graph.

Closing the sale

When you close a sale, you can record the outcome, including the close date and the quantity or price of a purchase, if applicable. A history of the sale is recorded in the contact's or group's Notes/History tab.

Birthdays This Month...

Melanie Pugh, Rico Belvedere, Janet Ledger and Doug Gray

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"There's a place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers--after the sale." 
---Harvey MacKay

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