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COA Monthly Update

December, 2002

Don't be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Ever time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves.
--Dale Carnegie

"Happy Holidays"

Let's put things into action!!


get to know our clients a little better!!

Message From The President...

"It's been a great year and you should all feel proud of your accomplishments.  I am optimistic about the future of COA as we approach the 2003 year.  We have a good base of people and I hope that many of you feel satisfied with your careers at our company.  Things aren't always perfect and that's what motivates us to do better.  From Halifax to Saskatoon and from Moosejaw to Palm Beach I would like to wish all of you a happy and safe holiday for you and yours"...David

Holiday Hours...

David has decided that Friday December 27th should be a COA Holiday this year.  That way all staff (with a few exceptions) will be able to enjoy their time off without using up any vacation days. The Gormley office will therefore be closed Wednesday December 25th, Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th.

The operations staff and Anthony will be the exceptions as they will have to make sure the December 30th deadline is met.  They will however be able to take a day off later in stead of the COA Holiday if they need to come in on the 27th to meet the 30th deadline.

Please make sure that your voicemail message is appropriate and that you leave the COA operations hotline in case there is an urgent problem with any unit.

 On behalf of David and COA, Happy Holidays!!!!!

Janet's database tips:

Merging Contracts in the Database...


Often clients with multiple contracts will ask if the agreements can be combined so there is only one payment being processed each month on their auto debit or credit card.

First you have to get all the contracts all to expire at the same time.  If your client is paying by credit card or auto debit this can be achieved by first establishing one month when all the agreements will expire;

i.e. one of our February renewals has multiple benches: the client has one agreement expiring February 15th, one agreement expiring March 15th and one agreement expiring June 15th. Since the last contract is a June 15th expiry, that is the date that we work towards having all the agreements come together.

As each of the agreements comes up for renewal put an Admin work order to extend the agreement for the difference between the current expiry date and June 15th. Wanda will continue to process the monthly payments as usual .

This would then extend the January expiry for 5 months and the Mar 15th expiry for 3 months. Now all three agreements will expire on Jun 15th. Finally do the June 15th renewal for all the locations under one docket number.

David has now created a Merge Contract button. This can be found on the Main Menu - Client Services - Merge Sales contracts. When the window appears it will prompt you for the old docket numbers, in this case the February and March docket numbers, and the new number which will be the the June docket number.

The final step is to put in an Admin work order to let Wanda know the docket numbers that need to be expired which will now be the February and March docket numbers for they will now be combined under the "NEW" docket number.


From the Ops Department...



Plastic Pads....Revolution!!

Karl and David are busy again working on ways to improve our products......

The plastic pad is very new and very exciting.  Our first installation, as seen here, is at the Gormley office on our front lawn.  The materials in the pad are similar to the new plastic decking  that folks are starting to use around houses and cottages. 

One of the first plastic wood products, that some of you may be familiar with, goes by the trade name "Trex"  which is combination of 70% plastic 30% saw dust or wood by-product.  The wood gives the product rigidity and the plastic gives the product longevity.

Some of the obvious advantages to COA is the light weight, ease of installation and the ability to recover and move a pad with very little effort. 

There are still a few questions that need to be answered so Karl will be working diligently over the winter to refine the details.  We hope to install the first plastic pads in early spring.



Tech Corner...

Create a Family Newsletter in Word...

Sharing information and keeping in touch has never been easier with the advent of the Internet and Microsoft Office software such as Microsoft Word 2002. For example, you can work together with your family to build a newsletter simply by sending or routing a Word document in e-mail to gather the information you need. With all information in hand, you can then send your newsletter to family members through regular mail or e-mail, or if you have a Web site, host it online.

Deciding what to write about...

When writing a family newsletter, first consider what information sections to include. Feature pieces are often driven by recent family events such as holidays, births, and graduations. Regular sections might include an upcoming events calendar, Web site links, a humorous piece, or a message from Mom.

Similar to a newspaper or magazine, and depending on how often you publish, you might have a weekly or monthly feature section followed by regular sections that provide updates on the lives of your family members. Typically one family member acts as lead organizer, ensuring all information is collected and included in the newsletter, and then sends it out.

Organizing your information...

With Word 2002 you can organize your newsletter using columns, linked text boxes, or both. You can also insert a picture and format your text to wrap around it. If you choose to divide your newsletter into columns, text will snake across each page before continuing on to the next page. If you use linked text boxes, you can arrange information so that it is parallel or side-by-side down each page. To showcase a feature story on the first page but provide the remaining text on another page, you need to use linked text boxes regardless of how many pages are in your newsletter.

For step-by-step instructions to complete any of these tasks, see Help in your Word 2002 program.


Happy Holidays!!!

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