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Randy Wrote:

After the Breakfast with Champions this morning, I sent a quick email via ACT to everyone that was seated at my table.  It may not be the best email (it sounds a little corny when I read it now) but I wanted to experiment & see what kind of response I got.  The attached is a pretty good response.
Jeff asked a ton of questions which was great for me as everyone at the table took part in our conversation.  They gave me the "Bench Guy" handle so I had to use it in my email.

Randy Butler
Creative Outdoor Advertising
Regina, Sk.
Office:  789-6204
Cell:  737-3486


Randy's New Friend Wrote:

Thanks, it was nice meeting you as well. I hope you didn't feel I was putting you on the spot, I was just very interested in your business and the whole concept. thanks for taking the time to explain it all for me. I will definitely keep you in mind for my future advertising budget.

Jeff Bhimji
Products Manager
TMC Technology Management Corporation
#350-10 Research Drive
Regina, SK
S4S 7J7
Randy' used Act to send the following message:
The Chamber's "Breakfast with Champions" was excellent this morning.  It was a great crowd and TMC and Regina Research Park were excellent champions and have a very impressive facility.

I enjoyed meeting you this morning and hope to see you at other Chamber events in the near future.

In the meantime, if Creative Outdoor Advertising can assist you in promoting or increasing the awareness your business, do not hesitate to contact me.

The Bench Guy,


Randy Butler
Creative Outdoor Advertising
Regina, Sk.
Office:  789-6204
Cell:  737-3486


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