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COA Monthly Update

June 2002


Summer Conference Ottawa!

Bearbrook Farms...


The Best of the Summer Conference


We saw the accommodations and at first we were skeptical...

but in the end they turned out to be quite acceptable,

the food was interesting and kept us survivin, even though we suspected it was just another bison,

the games were competitive and sometimes eggie...we had to stop when it got to our leggies....

but when it came right down to it we worked as a team....

Thank you all for your feedback....


The lessons were  challenging and sometimes confusing...but kept us on our toes and never left us snoozing...

some of us were fast....others were slow but that didn't prevent everyone from having a go....


and made the COA Summer conference a real scream!!!


Getting Sites Approved...

Please follow these steps for proper Site Approval Process.

  1. Drive by the site and take 2 pictures

a)       Take a picture of the location, approximately 30' away, must include the bus stop pole.

b)       Take picture of the location dead on approximately 50' away, must include the background.

  1. Enter an ops work order as a Site Authorization [SA ].

If this is a new location and there is no location code for the stop please send an e-mail and make sure that you identify the location as you would want it to appear on the Master Location List. i.e. Yonge @ Harvey's NE  - If you are going to use an address or a store front as the cross street please make sure that you include the nearest cross street to the location address so that I can assign the correct location code to it. i.e. Yonge @ Harvey's NE just north of King Side Rd.

Each month a site authorization list will be reviewed and the sites approved by COA will be submitted to the cities for their final approval.

Thanks Karl...



Helpful Hints When Networking...

Q: How can I effectively market my service business?

A: I get messages from many of our site visitors asking what kind of marketing techniques will get their product or services in front of people who will buy them. One method that can work for most small businesses--regardless of size or type of business--is networking. In fact, it's the single most effective tool for almost any service provider.

Successful networking depends on several important principles.

Plan. Carefully choose where you network. Network in places and at events where your target market goes--not where your peers or buddies go.

Focus. When attending an event, don't try to meet as many people as possible. Trust is not built from a stack of business cards. Instead, focus on a few people at each event. Get to know them well enough so that either of you might suggest a further meeting before the event is over.

Think differently. Don't focus on finding customers at a networking event. That's what everybody else is doing. There's nothing worse than being descended on by a flock of eager sellers when you're simply there to meet other business owners or to learn from the program. Instead, reorient your thinking and look for people to refer. Since most successful businesses grow by referral, be the person who does the referring, because the fastest way to get referrals is to give them. This means you'll do more listening than talking, more asking than telling. The ancillary result is that your new friend will also think you're brilliant.

Give undivided attention. Don't let your eyes wander over the shoulder of the person with whom you're having a conversation. Stay focused. When you give this sort of attention, people will seek you out--you won't have to go to them.

Make notes. If you receive a business card, be sure to make a note on it about the person or the conversation you had with them so when you find it your pocket two weeks later, you'll have a reminder about the person. It also never hurts to make similar notes on the cards you give. The recipient may not be as savvy a networker as you.

Follow up. If you discuss having lunch, call within three days. If you ask for their marketing materials, ask again. Write a note--hand-written if possible or at least hand-sign a typed letter. E-mail is fine for subsequent, informal communications or for the exchange of information, but in the early stages of a relationship, it isn't as personal as one might hope.

Never give up. Whether you do business with an individual or not, if he or she is someone you respect, the contact is valuable. Not only should you refer others to your contact, you should also maintain the contact. Amazingly, referrals are rarely direct. More often, the actual referral comes second or third-hand. The wider your network, the more people you have working for you in your marketplace.




My favourite recipe for success, how much simpler can it get...


  • We just sit down, make a wish list, figure out what we are dying to accomplish, that's easy...we human beings always seem to be wanting something, right???


  • I don't know about you but when I really think about it I pretty much always know what I should be doing to get where I want to be...


  • Hmmm, so now I guess I just have to do it, right...


  • Yikes, not always so simple to keep with the program...come on, a little kick here and there is all it takes...keep focusing on that goal..."four more, three more..."


  • Congratulations, you've done it, you're there!!!!

Now, wasn't that easy?

Well, I'd love to keep rambling but I've gotta go, there are too many other things I want!!!!


Thanks Cathy...


Art & Fonts

Anthony will be sending out the "COA" preferred list of fonts.  90% of our layouts go out on the street with one of the common fonts that will be found on Anthony's list.

Way to go Anthony!!


Tech Tip

Ways to be more efficient as we work in the database.  On the main menu near the bottom on the right there is a tab called "quick keys"  if you click on this tab once a screen will open that lists all the keyboard shortcuts.  Instead of using a mouse to get around from screen to screen you can simply hit your "Ctrl" followed by a letter on the list and away you go.....good luck!


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